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Advice needed please!!


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Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help, I posted a few weeks ago about my dad. 10 weeks ago he had a whipples op and is now. Week 3 into a 18 session course of chemo. His problem is drastic weightloss, approx 5 stones since his surgery and still losing!! Surely there must be a point where his weight will stabilise?? Had any one else experienced this? He is eating, albeit small portions. Any shared experience , help and advice would be appreciated, I'd love to give him some positivity as at the moment he hates the way he looks and is getting depressed.

Thanks again

Suz xx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Suz,

Sorry to hear about your dad.

Is he currently taking pancreatic enzyme supplements, such as creon?

If not, then he should be. Please email me at the support address on top of the forums to discuss further.



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Hi Suz,

the weightloss with pc is shock I've found - similarly my dad lost alot of weight from the Whipples to chemo, then it stabilised and now he's losing weight again now the cancer has returned. He went from 17 to 10 stone.

It is really difficult to put weight on again because the appetite isn't there - we used the ensure protein drinks and saw a nutritionist (which wasn't that helpful actually) - I made things like Vichyssoisse soup and packed tonnes of calories in it, or home made ice cream.

It will stabilise at some point - everyone is different.

We found buying new clothes / pyjamas helped as he didn't look so gaunt in his old clothes which were far too big. So some new stuff might make him feel a touch better than he does.

Sorry can't be more help - I understand it's distressing to watch and he will look poorly throughout the chemo but then there'll be opportunity for him to 'recover' and focus on putting on weight.

take care


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