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Nearly a year


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Hi to all the regulars, and all the people who I've spoken to over the last year.

On Tuesday 23rd, it will be a year since I lost my gorgeous husband.

39 years old, everyday this week I have relived exactly what we were doing last year.

He was actually in hospital, waiting for another stent, only to be told

"your dying very quickly, there's nothing we can do"

Dont know how I held it together? That was the Friday, he passed on the Monday morning.

I miss him so much, sometimes it feels like it's just happened, other times I feel like years have passed.

Anger, sadness, loss, it's a daily mix of emotions.

Just wanted to say 'thank you' to everyone on here that have supported me, and, I hope, when I have replied to others, it's helped a little.

Lynne (Lynbo)


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Oh Lynn

I am thinking of you.

Andy would have been so proud of you in the way you have coped in the year without him.

Be proud in what you have raised for this charity.You will most certainly have helped many on here.

I was so glad to hear from you when you replied to my originnal post.

It will be 10 weeks on sun since mum went to sleep forever and i have relived nearly every day since march/april when she started to feel unwell.

We all know we will probably go through losing our parents and it is really really so hard.

BUT to lose one's partner so young is truely awful--life is so cruel.

So you have been so brave.

Unfortunately there is no choice.

You can only try to focus on the good and loving time you had together.



(speaking to a newish female at work yesterday and her partner died last April--he had bad headache on the Mon-sent to hosp. on the Wed--had stroke on Thurs and died on the Sun.------he was 50 and previously healthy ) just as well we do not know what is ahead of us

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Dear Lynne, just want to say I will be thinking of you at this time. Your Andy would be proud of all you have done for pancreatic cancer and for all the help and advice you have given to people on this forum. 39 is far too young to die and it must have been so hard for you to keep going at times. It sounds like you and Andy had a brilliant relationship, and he will always be in your heart. Hope you will have lots of love and support around you tomorrow. Marie x

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Hi Lynne

It's hard to believe that this awful disease can take someone so young. 39 is no age at all, I cannot imagine what you are going through and have been through. I am finding it so hard seeing my lovely mum go through it, but I don't think I could comprehend how you cope losing your husband.

Such a sad sad time, my thoughts are with you, the "first" anniversary's, christmas, birthdays etc etc, are always the worst, you never ever get over your loved ones death, but you kinda learn to live with it, and gradually, the pain of their passing eases and the laughter that they left behind in memories come forward again.

Oh and believe me, you have definately helped me in your posts these past few weeks. I know I don't know you personally, but the comfort you have given to me, has been immense. Thank you.

louie x

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I fully agree with above post and i posted you end of last week--i was so glad to get messages from you which helped me at end of June and since then.

In my thoughts



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My partner is 39 and I can't imagine losing him. It's so unfair when you should have had so so many more years together. Must feel like only yesterday sometimes that you lost him even though a year has passed.

You should be proud of the strength you have to go on giving support to people like me and many others on the forum in their time of need.

It really is the most miserable illness ever. I'm sure your Andy would be very proud of you too.

Lots of love and hope to you to find happiness and remember the good times with your loved one.


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