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It is a week today since we lost Mum at 63 to pc. It was so quick, only 1 week after diagnosis and I am struggling to come to terms with it. Only 4 weeks before we were on a family holiday celebrating my Dad's birthday. We have the funeral yet to come and the thought that after that I will no longer be able to see her or know she is near is almost too much to bear. I was asked by my sister"how does life get back to normal" I replied "it will never be the way it was, there will be a different normal". Trouble is I can't see life without Mum being there, and don't want a different normal. She had so many dreams, so many places she was planning to visit, holidays that have had to be cancelled. It does not seem right at all.

Sorry to rant, it's easier putting it on here rather than bottling it up.


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I did post to you recently because our situation was very similar ( i knew you would be too involved to reply and i did anticipate from what you posted that for your mum would be quick (like for us )----cannot say much--just easier for your mum--but too quick for the close family left behind

For us it has just been 7 weeks and i still cannot believe it has happened.I was hoping you would look up my posts on this board ( and reply if you can--feedback is good therapy to both concerned )

Take Care

thinking of your family as this is total crap

Helen xx

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Oh endee, sometimes I just wish I could reach out and give people on this board a big hug. You never even had time to get over the diagnosis before having to say goodbye to your Mum and it's so unfair. There's no words to ease the pain but perhaps it will help if you remember that wherever you go, there's a little bit of Mum in your heart.


Nicki x

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So sorry to hear about your Mum - My Dad died three weeks after diagnosis and its very difficult to deal with the sudden loss. Am hoping that the pain lessens with time. Big hugs.

Claire x

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Hi Endee

How have you been during past few weeks?

It is now 10 weeks past on Sun since mum went to sleep.

Some days feels hard to think been through it all--know she has gone but re-living hosp/last few days etc.

Feel head full of all this and not really got to the day to day of "really missing" what we did before and feel guilty about this--sure it will come soon esp. towards end of year.



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