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Stage 4 pc 3-6months to live


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Hello Debbie,

Have read your story also,how very unfair this disease is.

My daughter is of similar age and I couldn't imagine the pain of losing her.

I hope you spent the anniversary as you needed to.

I feel cheated that my husband was only 51,but a common theme is that this cancer needs to be recognised by GP's ealier, and it's not just for the 65 plus age group.

It is a comfort being on this web-site with people who understand.

Thank you for thoughts and prayers.

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Hello again Mints

Thank you for your kind comments about my daughter - this site is very supportive and can help to lessen the feelings of isolation that one feels.

You are so right in that a key problem about pancreatic cancer is the lack of understanding and awareness at the early stages - my daughter went to her GP on several occasions with vague abdominal pain but the problem was that the last thing that was considered in a healthy 26 year old was a problem with the pancreas. I have also been back to meet with her consultant and have since received copies of all her medical notes during her illness and even the slightest suggestion of a tumour just wasn't mentioned as all tests came back inconclusive.

Like many who have been affected by pc I intend to do all I can and support the work of PCUK to raise the profile and awareness of this most deadly of cancers until finally - someone listens!

I hope you are being gentle on yourself and that you have good support around you - I so know what you are going through and I cannot tell you how sorry I am.

Take care

Debbie x

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Hi Mints, Just came across your topic, and was sad hear about your Husband. My Husband is nearing the end of the same journey Ampullary Pancreatic cancer which is wrapped round a main artery, he was given 6 wks and that was 14 wks ago , he still manages to get around although somewhat slowly,

Reading your post has made me sit up and take notice ,just like yourself on his good days he tells me to nip out and get some shopping , I now realize that it is wize to have a family member sit with him at all times better still have them do the shopping ,I had been told in March that it would be quick but I guess I was waiting for him to be bedridden or showing warning signs before getting myself into panic mode. Your post has changed my way of thinking and I can try prepare myself for all events.

Sending Hugs and Kind regards xxx

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Hi Genie,

Like you I tried to think about what to expect but,it's very difficult to predict the end.

Even the district nurse that came in on the day he died said she would (flag up) if she felt things were getting worse.

To this day without a post mortem, we don't know if it was due to the artery ruptureing or a heart attack due to organ failure.There was alot of blood in his urine at this stage, plus swelling in his ankles and tummy.

I frequently beat myself up about being out when it happened,and him being alone.

I hope you make the right decision for you at this difficult time.

Thinking of you.

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