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Any Positive Stories?


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I wondered if there was any interest in starting a collection of positive stories or 'moments' that might help to lift our spirits in the difficult times? I find it so hard to find any 'bright side' with this illness. Perhaps there is something from your day that you are thankful about ? Or maybe you might just want to share something special about your loved one who is fighting PC? Just an idea...a hope that, in amongst the horror, we might collectively find some hope...I've started mine below:

Today I went to a counselling appointment for the first time and, despite my scepticism, I found a welcoming and supportive listener who was able to help me talk through my feelings so I don't have to burden my friends or family members with my feelings. I think this made me more able to cope with the day and more able to be there for mum.

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Hi Anita

I think it's great idea. Everyday seems different, one day really down and tearful, the next quite positive (usually if Mum is feeling ok)

My positive thing today is the fact that Mum's biopsy has been brought forward 5 days (although not really because it's been delayed quite abit but) it feels positive as the slightest little thing is good!...Also thanks to Nicki on here I've been looking into Papaya leaf extract and have got some positive vibes about this..shipment due in a few days....might be p*****in in the wind but as you said it's hard to see the bright side so I'll take it!!

I hope others share their bright bits too!



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Hi John,

Papaya leaf extract sounds intriguing?! Thanks for the reply. Its a complete roller coaster and yes I think you really have to look hard for any positives!


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Thanks very much for that link! I enjoyed reading it. Such a shortage of positive stories to help us to keep going. My mum has found nobody in the medical side that has been able to give her any encouragement to keep going. Hope is so important.

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Here's my positive story, although a little different as it's about what I've done since losing my husband.

Today - I collected another £150 to go to PCUK!

I walked 23 miles on may 7th and raised £2,300 for PCUK, and last year I raised £1550 in 2 days doing a coffee morning and raffle!

A week Friday (24th) I've helped organize a charity event called 'meet me in Las Vegas'

Sold all 500 tickets (£10) each and.....im going as a burlesque dancer to scrounge more money off the wonderful people who have bought tickets!


I'm jumping out of an airplane! (mad? Yes?)

Striving for survival is my motto, and I'll continue to do so for PCUK!

keep strong people


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PCUK Nurse Jeni


I think you are such an inspirational woman!

I know you had done some stuff, but had no idea what you had planned! Wow! That's amazing!

Thank you so very much for all you are doing and that you have turned a sad situation into such a positive story.


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