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Some good news


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Hi all and especially newcomers who need some positive news and hope to hang on to.

Gary's CT scan results have shown the tumour has shrunk. He is taking part in the SCALOP trial which has been 3 cycles of GEMCAP chemo. He has now been given the go-ahead to begin radiotherapy where we now begin to blast the sucker - see how it likes that! The battle continues and we intend to keep winning. I have posted a detailed reply to Mike on the Clinical Trials part of the forum for anyone who wants to know more about GEMCAP and Gary's experience of it. Anyone who can let us know what to expect with radiotherapy, please do. Forewarned is forearmed! Can I just thank Ellie and Nikki, as their stories have given myself and Gary great strength and helped us to keep positive which I think is so important. Love to Ellie, we continue to think of you and I hope Brian is celebrating with us today - he continues to inspire us to beat the statistics.

Love to all


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Hi Deb

So pleased to hear your good news! Thanks for your kind comments. I'm finding it hard to contribute to the forum at the moment, but pop in now and again and am thinking of you all still fighting.

Brian had two lots of radiotherapy and didn't have any real side effects. Main thing is - keep the area treated well moisturised. It does seem to dry the skin out, but Brian had one very high dose each time, instead of a lot of smaller ones spread out. He also noticed changes to his nails and hair, so treat these areas gently too. You may be given some cream, but if not you can ask for something if you have problems.

You are right - it is so important to keep positive and to keep fighting! Sending you my very best wishes and hope the treatment goes well.




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Hi Deb,

I am very happy to hear your news...that is amazing and so positive to read. Mum has her biopsy next week and then definately onto chemo of some form once we have results..but as you have shown good things can happen and I hope they continue!!

Thanks and regards to you both


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Hi Deb and I'm so pleased to hear the news about Gary.

Unfortunately Ted's news isn't so good (see the advanced forum). Still, he's here and he's fighting - we still have hope.

Nicki x

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