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Sickness all the time


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Hello eveyone this is my first post on here so if it sounds silly please bear with me,

my uncle has within the last three weeks been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, this week he has his appointment with the cancer unit at the local hospital to dicuss treatment, what he wants to do and the chances of it working etc. but over the last week and half to two weeks he has been being sick alot, he cant keep nothing down and even at the thought of having to have a drink or something to eat it makes him eve. an emergancy doctor came out last week and gave him some anti sickness tablets, which did seem to work at first but now he seems as bad as he was before he took them.

i was just woundering if anyone had any advice or could lighten the situation on what it could be?

thank you

Becky x

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Becky,

Sorry to hear about your uncle.

He would benefit from a anti-sickness pump. This is a continuous pump over 24 hours, which will pump anti-sickness into your uncle's body. It is attached just under the skin, via a small needle and the pump can be carried in a bum-bag etc...

You should ask the GP to sort this, or the oncologist when he goes to see them. He should also have a Macmillan nurse, who will visit him in the home, and monitor the effectiveness of these pumps etc...

Hope this helps,


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