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update on mum!


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hi just thought i'd fill you all in on whats happening with mum.We had a busy week last week we had scan results on Thursday and they were ok could have been a lot worse.The cancer in her pancreas has not changed at all but ther are some nodules?in her stomach and on one lung very small about 6mm .To tell the trurh i don't know what the nodules are all about but i presume its the start of worse things to come.Mum was ok about it all and we tried to look on the positive side.We asked about further treatment as mum was concerned that they had given up on her as she last had chemo in November.The doctor said that our choices were limited but that they could offer her one more course of chemo but that they were saving it until she really needed it.As the cancer seems stable at the moment they are just going to see her again in 6 weeks.I think she was a bit dissapointed even though i don't really think shes fit for treatment at the moment. she said likes to feel that she is fighting and at the moment feels it is catching up with her.

On a more positive note we saw the doctor at the hospice on wednesday to try and sort out the terrible pain after eating.The doctor is brilliant and had done some research about this problem and it seems to be caused by excess blood flow rushing to help her digest her food and leaving not enough in other areas these arethe places were she then gets the terrible cramping pains.The doctor has prescribed an oral spray used to treat angina that increases the blood supply.Its called nitromin spray and she uses it before food.Its early days yet but it seems to be helping a little so fingers crossed.

Finally i'm taking mum to Spain next week to visit her sister who lives there she has promised her she would go and see her beautiful home before the end comes.Its been a bit stressful getting permission from the airline to take oxygen and wheelchairs and so much medication but hopefully i've got it sorted.I've told mum if they let us on the plane i'll buy a bottle of champagne hopefully we won't get arrested or detained as terrorists.

Thanks again to everyone who has contacted me offering support.

claude x

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hi just read your post, bit late in catching up!! How did your trip go?? Hope you and your Mum enjoyed it. How is she doing? I am also looking after my Mum with PC, she been through the mill a bit lately and is now living with me, which is a bit of a change to the normal routine!!!!

hope all is well with you, please let us know about your trip.

Kim X

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