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Hello all, I am Juliana's Dad

Bob L

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It saddens me to have to tell you all that our darling daughter, Juliana passed away peacefully and with her husband, Gareth, myself and her Mum, Anna at her bedside in xx, xx around midnight 4th March 2011.

Alex has kindly given me permission to link my blog to your forum where, should you wish, you can read in greater detail how Juliana's cancer was discovered and what she did to extend the period of time she was given by her specialists. I know I have no need to tell you of her courage and determination to fight this terrible disease to the bitter end as she wrote 180 posts on your forum trying to bring comfort, knowledge and enlightenment to fellow sufferers and their relatives. Unfortunately (IMHO) I think the medical profession tends to keep much needed information from pancreatic sufferers, information which is important to the patient so that they may best fight the disease and also to achieve a reasonable standard of life. Juliana saw this through her experience during her illness and it was one of the things that angered her. Knowledge is power, never be afraid to ask demanding or, what you might think, complicated questions, it is your life at the end of the day and to know your enemy can only be a good thing. Juliana and I would read newspapers, magazines and websites for anything that would add to our arsenal of weapons to combat the illness she was fighting because new things are appearing all the time, new ideas, new methods, it doesn't hurt to be upto date. Her oncologist on more than one occasion had to admit that she was more up to speed on certain things on the cutting edge of pancreatic cancer treatments than he was!

We shall be celebrating Juliana's love of life on 17th March 2011 at 10.30am at The Lifepoint Church Centre, Fynone Road, Uplands, Swansea and then she will be cremated at Morriston Crematorium at 12.30. In typical Juliana style there will be a bouncy castle set up in the church grounds for her three children and all children that attend to enjoy themselves on, I might even have a go myself :)

Good luck to you all in your battle and thank you for giving Juliana your support and well-wishes.


Website: http://bob-lock.blogspot.com/2011/03/juliana-elizabeth-cartwright-nee-lock.html

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Dear Bob

I read the link to your page about Juliana, and I was upset, but also proud of how she continued to help others, when she was fighting her own battles, I know you must be very proud too.

The amount of wishes on the forum for Juliana shows how much people thought of her.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all



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Dear Bob

I have just returned from a week away and am so terribly, terribly upset to learn that Juliana has lost her tremendously brave fight against P.C. Juliana was diagnosed around the same time as my husband and their cancer had spread into the same places, so I felt a very strong empathy towards Juliana, particularly as she had such young children. She was always so strong, positive and such a fighter when it came to the doctors and hospitals and, as you say, she sometimes knew more than the specialists did!

I am so truly sorry and my heart goes out to her husband, children and of course, yourself and Juliana's mum. Offering you my sincere condolences seems so little to do, but perhaps a small comfort is to know that you all did everything in your power to seek out the best treatments for her. Juliana was, indeed, one of the strongest contributors to this forum and must have helped so very many people learn more about this terrible disease and given them so much support.

Knowing how much Juliana suffered, at least you know she is now out out of her pain and at peace. That can be the only comfort to you losing such a young, strong and courageous daughter.

With heartfelt sympathy to you all.

Kind regards



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Dear Bob,

I have not been on this site for a while and logged in to see how Juliana was doing.

I am so sorry to hear she has lost her battle. She was an inspiration to all who came looking for answers, and some insight into what to expect with this dreadful disease.

With love and best wishes to you all... Her story should be told to a much wider audience...

Jackie xx

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Dear Bob,

Just saw that you are in fact a writer. Juliana posted 180 times..Imagine all those people like me, who desperate and ignorant of what to expect from this disease,were inspired by, and interested enough in your remarkable daughter to return time and again,( even when our own loved ones had lost their battle) to follow her life story, and hope against hope that she might just be the one to beat the odds!

I hope that one day you may write her story. So she can not only be remembered, but can continue to inspire others.

I cannot stop the tears as I write this, because although the recent loss of my own mum is hard enough to bear. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to lose a child.

love Jackie x

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