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Enzyme replacement after Whipple's surgery


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My husband underwent a Whipple's resection in June 2010, followed by six months chemotherapy, taking part in the ESPAC4 trial. His chemo finished at the end of January but throughout this period he has been unable to take any of the enzyme replacements (Creon, Pancrease or Pancrex). He is now over two stones underweight, suffers from almost constant lower bowel discomfort or if he takes a low dose Creon, severe ulcer-like stomach pains and is becoming quite frail. While concerned, our doctors can only suggest a period of trial and error with enzyme dosage and various painkillers.

Has anyone else suffered these side affects and have any useful advice on how to improve the situation?

We had hoped to have a period of normality once the chemo finished but unfortunately that does not seem to be happening.

With thanks


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Liverbird,

I work for PCUK. I can be contacted at support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk of you have any other queries.

There are documented side effects for creon and pancrex of nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

Has he tried Nutrizym 10? it is another form of enzymes, and might suit him better?

Or, has he had an examination of his bowel, to out-rule any other problems?

Is he eating? Has the dietician been involved? If he is eating, then the problem is likely to be due to the enzymes, and unless he can take these, then it may carry on. It needs sorting, but not sure of the answer due to the sensitivity to the enzymes. Has he tried anti-spasmodics for the pain, such as buscopan?

Please email if you need further information.


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