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Whipples procedure


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this is my first post , My Mum is having Whipples op today we are just waiting for a call from the hospital.

We have been very nervous waiting,but reading some of you posts has helped. I just hope she will be ok



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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi there Jacky,

Hope your mum has had a successful operation.

If there are any queries I can help you with, please contact me via support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

I work as a support manager with the charity, and I have 11 years experience in oncology nursing, including pancreatic cancer. I am still involved in clinical trials for this disease.

Kind regards,


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Hello Jacky,

I know it's a scary time waiting for an operation like this.

I had a Whipples in December and can say that I have made a good recovery, have a good appetite and am doing well.

I hope that this will be the same for your mum.

Best Wishes,


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Hello Anne

Thanks, been to see Mum again today, so far so good she seems to be doing very well. We where surprised to see her out of bed on Tuesday just the day

after the big op. Just hope things continue if so she will be back on the general ward by the weekend.

Hope things keep going well for you.



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