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flaxseed oil and cottage cheese for cancer


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I everyone. I know its to late to help my mum with the above but just wondered if any of you have given the above a try. I wished i had seen it earlier and could have possibly helped my mum as they reckon it can start to work in as little as 3 days.

luv margaret


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Hi Carmel

I received a reply back by one of the pc sufferers who said she had tried for a few months (i think it was Juliana) and it didnt make any difference to her at all. So i dont know whether you still want to try it, it apparantly was the "budwig diet" which you can google. It is flaxseed oil and cottage cheese blended together and taken several times a day. You become totally desperate for anything that will help prolong their lives and I know exactly how you feel as I got a holistic healer in to help my mum, i had held out a lot of hope but mum was only able to take the vitamins for 3 days before she started to lose her speech and swallow.

It was basically

pure royal jelly

Glucamune capsules

Dr schultze superfood


Vitamin d drops

Multivitamin food supplements

All these products help to rebuild the immune system but my mums body was really starting to go into shutdown at this point, so i cant say whether they help or not. I am continuing to take some of them myself as I had breast cancer 3 years ago and I kind of think anything to keep the immune system working well can only benefit you.

Take care Carmel

Love margaret

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