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My Mums Journey


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Hello, my name is Sharon and I would like to tell you about my Mums short journey through Pancreatic Cancer.

I have been reading through some of the other postings and can't believe just how simular the symptoms are on each person. Awareness for this terrible cancer certainly is needed.

It all started at the begining of October 2010 with diarrhea and hiccups. The diarrhea was bad so I called the Doctor out. As there was nothing else to report at this time a common stomach bug was diagnosed. Diarrhea returned 2 weeks later with constipation inbetween. Doctor gave her a blood test and said she was type 2 diabetic. Mum cut out sugars, cakes etc but still had diarrhea every other week. I called the doctor again when the 4th bout of diarrhea started and said I was really worried as she was now complaining of stomach pains and had lost a lot of weight. Doctor said that the stomach pains were probably to do with the diarrhea and constipation and the weight loss was because of the sugary treats she had cut out recently. During November she became less mobile as a back pain had taken a hold so with that and tummy ache and feeling bloated she was very uncomfortable. At the start of December she had yet another terrible dose of diarrhea and the back pain was making her double over so once again I called the doctor. I sat with her while we waited for the home visit but she was so distressed I phoned for an ambulance. She was taken into A&E but discharged the same evening as the X-rays were clear and so were her blood tests. Stomach bug was again diagnosed. I told them she had lost over a stone in a month but it didn't seem to worry them. She came to stay with me for a week but 2 days after I took her back to her flat I had the doctor back out, Mum had diarrhea again, and this time he called the ambulance. At last I thought she would be looked at properly, but no. she was discharged the same evening after being told she was depressed and needed to pull herself together. That there was nothing wrong with her other than a few aches and pains and an upset stomach. I wasn't happy so the next day we called social services for advise and a care team leader came to visit. She wanted Mum admitted into a hospital for the elderly where she would have rest, food and rehab. The next day a bed became free and she went in.

Proper care was now being given, and although she was there over Christmas I was happy to think she was being looked after. A Ct scan took place 10th Jan 2011 and I was told Mum had aggressive pancreatic cancer which had run through her veins and into her liver. She had a week to live. Her weight now was 7 stone and had just started to turn yellow.

She lived for just over 3 weeks and died Feb 2nd. I was able to visit her everyday and I held her hand when the morphine confussed her mind and made her cry.

She looked awful those last 2 days of life. She was no more than 6 stone and very yellow.

It is Sunday today and I have just written a poem to read at her funeral on Thursday. I haven't come to terms with the fact I will never see her again.

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Dear Sharon

I am so very sorry to read the terribly sad story of your mum's illness. It's hard enough to cope when a loved one has been diagnosed, but to go for so long without knowing what was wrong must have been awful for you. It makes you feel so helpless, doesn't it? It really is so hard to watch someone suffer.

I hope you will find the strength to arrange your mum's funeral and try to make sense of what has happened. You have put your ordeal down in print on here, so hopefully that will get some of the anger, upset and frustration out of your system for now. It may help to hear from others who have gone through similar situations and to know that you are not alone.

I hope all goes well on Thursday. Thinking of you.



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Oh sharon, i am am so sorry for your loss. My sisters story is so like your mums, she also died on feb 2nd. She had been going to her doctors for 2 to 3 months with pain, indegestion, constipation and other symptoms. she was finally admitted to hospital 27th nov as an emergency after suffering terrible pain and was diagnosed with pc. The diagnosis was later changed to pancreatic lymphoma which we were told was easier to treat than ordinary pc. it was much to late for her though, she had a short course of chemo but because she was so weak and immune suppressed she contracted swine flu. On boxing day she was taken into intensive care and put into an induced coma. She fought very hard to live but it was not to be and after a terrible roller coaster of ups and downs she died suddenly without any family with her on feb 2nd. Once she was finally admitted to hospital the care she recieved was wonderful but I am so angry withe her own doctors who, like your moms were so uncaring and kept sending her away with pain killers and also told her that her pain was probably imagined or due to her age! (she was 58 and before all this fit and well) I just cant believe that doctors can be so lacking in compassion. Much more should be done to get this awful discease diagnosed earlier so that patients have a better chance of treatment and survival. My thoughts will be with you on thursday. With very best wishes to you and your family. Marie x

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Hi Sharon,

Your right its just so amazing how similar everyones stories are. My mum died 22 Jan 2011 after a short 8 week illness with what we first thought was only a brain tumour. This turned out to be the secondary and the primary was in the pancreas, we only found this out 4 weeks before she died.

Her funeral is on tues 8th feb. I still cannot believe whats happened and it still seems like a dream to me, I am just so distraught and will never come to terms with the cruel way my mum has been taken from us. She was only 64 and had years ahead of her still.

There is nothing i can say that will make things any easier for you. Its just so painful to take in for us all.




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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Sharon,

Very sorry to hear about your mum, and the story you have all had to endure.

If you feel you would like to discuss anything further, or would like to make sense of anything from a medical viewpoint, I am available via email at: support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

I have experience in nursing patients with pancreatic cancer, and also work for PCUK.



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Dear Sharon,

Am so sorry to hear about your mum.

We definitely need more awareness of this cruel illness.My dad was treated for gasterenteritis,nothing worked and this went on for weeks at one point a dr.told him to go and buy gaviscon over the counter.He had variuos scans which didn't pick the cancer up.If it had shown he could have pain treatment earlier.

Miss my dad terribly he passed last May.

My thoughts are with you.


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