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Hi Jeni

Didnt want to reply on Debbie's thread about Gemma, so started new one.

I am going to write to PALS as you said, and also to Andy's oncologist.

I already have all his notes.

The sister who come to the funeral only was in charge on the ward for 2 days that he was in, as in total Andy spent 3 days in when they first diagnosed him, and 2 days just before he passed when they were gping to do an ERCP?

So not sure of her reasons as she was the one i contacted PALS about!

Oh thanks for help and advice.

A lady i have met, who has survived pancreatic cancer is climbing mount kilimanjaro in 5 weeks, she is doing it in memory of Andy, and im getting as many sponsors as poss xx

Be good for awareness too xx

Lynne x

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PCUK Nurse Jeni


This is good news that you are going to contact PALS.

It does seen a bit strange that the sister would go after knowing Andy for such a short time. I haven't come across that.

It may have been the PALS meeting triggered something -people cope differently with events, and maybe this was the case.

I find your energy and enthusiasm for raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer really inspiring. You are a true example of how people turn something really awful around to benefit others. I am sure your Andy would be exceptionally proud of you.

Thanks so much Lynne -you are an amazing lady.

Hope the climb goes well! Well done to that woman too.


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