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Enquiry - anyone else had this happen?


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As you all know I lost my husband on Aug 23rd he was 39.

I will not go into the whole story again, but on Monday 20th the GP practice are holding an enquiry where they look at his notes and review all the notes from his diagnosis and treatments.

Has anyone been in this situation?

My husband did go the GP 3 times and A&E 3 times, so I am hoping something is sone.


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HI there

I am so sorry to hear of your loss - my daughter died six weeks ago on August 8th at 27 years of age and due to the fact that she was so exceptionally young and, like your husband only had some vague pains to start with, her consultants are conducting a case report on her and hope to get it published in a medical journal, so it is interesting that your GP practice are going to review your husbands case. I hope all this investigative work leads to some more positive outcomes for people with pc and that our loved ones legacies will be that they have taught the medical profession some worthwhile lessons when it comes to treating people with pc.

I agree that it would be nice to be able to 'chat' on here - I am struggling to get through each day at the moment without my daughter and it would be good to share with someone in a similar situation.

Thinking of you


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Hi Debbie

I would love to chat with you, as I am having to wait 8 weeks for counselling, its a struggle every day, I know how you feel.

I feel so angry at all the things we didnt have too, like NO macmillan nurse etc, also no-one sorted out freezing of sperm, the andrology dept at hosp didnt get back to us then it was too late??

Is there any way we can swap email address?


thinking of you too


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