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hello all,

I have been looking at the posts for months now and with Nicki's help[thank you Nicki] am able to post.

I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in May this year,he was diagnosed in December and didn't have any treatment as the surgeons[he saw two] told him they could only help with the pain.Up until this point my dad had been a strong determined man and supported and gave good advice to those around him.I didn't want him to give up but he was suffering so much and the decision was his.I am heartbroken and hurt,dad and I were close.I wish I could havedone something,I was with him in his last few moments when he went peacefully.He was 67.

This illness is so cruel and my heart goes out to you all having to cope with it


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Hi Pam: I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad, the last months must have been terrible for you. However it’s good you were there with him and saw that he went peacefully at the end. I hope you can draw comfort from your memories of the wonderful man he was, and that you respected his feelings and his decision.

You’re right about how cruel this disease it ; all too often it can leave sufferers with few treatment options to fight rapid progression - and carers and family feeling powerless precisely when they would like to most be of help.

You’ll find plenty of others here in our little community who really do know what you have been going through – and there’s always a friendly ear, a shoulder to lean on and practical advice, if that’s what you need.

Let us know how you are getting on – we’re all here for you. With love, Vee (moderator)

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