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where can I get counselling?


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Does anyone know who I may contact to maybe get some counselling? my head is all over, lost my husband on 23rd aug, and have had no input from hospital, he was 39, I am 34, no children and I am only child. I have fab friends and family but I need a professional? I think?


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Thanks for all that info, my doctor is on holiday at the min, and I was never in touch with any hospice, or macmillan support, but I will look at these websites and see whats what.

I am quite a private person, but feel at ease typing all this, and speaking 'online' if you like?? just thought, although I have great friends and family, talking to someone outside the family may help?

Thanks Again.


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Message for 'lynbo' from Moderator.

Dear 'lynbo',

It may be helpful for you to contact the Pancreatic Cancer UK Support people. As well as providing confidential and personalised practical help, rather than more websites, the Support Service would be able to introduce you to other Carers who have been along a similar journey to the one you may now be experiencing.

If you feel you might like to take advantage of this Service, just email at enquiries@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

or call 0203 177 1686.

Ray Hope

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Dear Pennyb

I have contacted the WAY FOUNDATION but as that deals with people who have been widowed for different reasons, I feel I need to speak to someone who has been through same thing as me?

Its only been 10 days since my Andy passed away, and I keep hoping he is going to walk back through the door.

I feel guilty, angry, sad, and like someone has ripped my heart out, he was only poorly for 7 weeks, and only really poorly for the last 3.

Is anyone else in this situation??


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Dear Lynbo : Hope you don't mind but I have taken the liberty of moving your thread into the Carers, family & friends section where hopefully your messages are likely to be seen by more people on this discussion forum who have had a similar experience or who have thoughts to share with you. xxVee (moderator)

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