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Phase 2 - chemo-radiotherapy


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I had chemo-radiotherapy 2 years ago. Apart from the chemo bit (I had 5-FU via a pump rather than in tablet form) my treatment sounds very similar to yours. I found it all fine except for the last 2 weeks when exhaustion hit and even then I was able to 'function' normally but with naps in the day and I even fell asleep at the dinner table once (& still haven't been invited back to those friends since, lol!) In the beginning, the hardest thing I found was waiting around and once I got on the machine, I found it hard to keep still for the whole 10 mins it took to zap me!

Side effects were minimal for me. No nausea or any other complications except in the final week I suffered from gastritis but this soon went away with medication that my oncologist gave me. The long & short of it is: it's a pain in the but having to go to the hospital & wait around for a 10 min zapping. However, the treatment for me was tolerable.

I wish you the very best of luck and if there is anything else I can help with, just shout.

Sascha :)

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Hi Susan,

My radiotherapy came after my chemo (gem-cap), not at the same time - however I have to say I tolerated it pretty well. No nausea, diarrhea or anything else - which was surprising because i was so slim and so didnt have fat buffers around other organs, protecting them from the radiation. Apparently the bones in my back have changed in density due to the treatment....but it hasn't been listed as the cause to my back ache. I did feel a bit tired towards the end, but drove myself to my treatment all the way through. I had 20 sessions.

Hope it helps, and best of luck.


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