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Laproscopic Whipples


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After reading the various experiences of conventional Whipples operations, I feel very privileged to have been offered a laproscopic operation. After a 10 hour operation, I was ready to go home on the 5th day - absolutely incredible. I was eating and mobile after the 3rd day.

It's now 7 weeks later and I start chemotherapy tomorrow for 6 months.

If anyone is offered this type of surgery, do please take it. It will make a tremendous difference to your recovery. I understand that there are only 3 surgeons in this country who perform this operation.


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Thanks Ann, for the info.

It's always nice to hear improvements on the treatment/surgery related to pancreatic - and your op sounds out of this world! Wish my surgeon was one of those 3 trained to do it (2yrs ago though). Nevermind, lets hope it's of benefit to others who will hopefully catch this disease early enough to beat the poxy odds.

Keep us updated on how you are doing if you get the chance, and welcome to the site :)


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This sounds a brilliant advancement. It is two years after my Whipples but still suffereing a little fom digestive discomfort.


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi dmc,

Have had some replies to my enquiries. I am waiting for some more information, and then I will email you, as I don't want to put this info on the public forum.


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