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An update on Ted


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We had our appointment with the consultant yesterday and I'm pleased to report that Ted's tumour seems to still be stable, despite a high CA19-9 Marker. The scans showed no change, so the plan for the moment is to monitor the CA19-9 Marker until the end of August when a decision will be made as to what comes next.


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Hi Nicki

That is great news for you both! You must be feeling so relieved at the good news.

Hope things stay this way for as long as possible.




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Hi Nicki,

How did Ted feel about the news?

I guess its hard to be totally relaxed over the good news due to the cancer markers....but how does Ted feel within himself?

What about you, I am sure you are relieved at the results, I know I would be, but I also know the high ca19-9 would be heavy on my mind.

All I can say is enjoy the good scans and use Ted as your 'marker' - go by how well he feels in himself and don't brush off any unusual aches and pains, unfortunately this disease can be quite busy without showing itself in scans - but makes its presence known in other ways.

Thinking of you both,

Juliana x

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