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palliative bypass but jaundice returned


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Initially diagnosed with PC - whipple operation failed - palliative bypass performed - biopsies gathered during op show no trace of cancer. Pancreatitis possibility - later scans show mass, reduced of its own accord. Almost a year on with routine blood tests and scans under a very good GP, have now developed jaundice. Admitted to hospital by another GP to emergency assessment unit - doctors on duty aware of history and discharge patient advising will contact for CT scan.

Have been told should receive appointment in the next 2 weeks - is it just me or does this seem a very long time for a person with jaundice to wait especially with history of treatment for pancreatic cancer? Doesn't jaundice indicate somebody is just going to become more poorly so need to find cause as a matter of urgency?

The person I speak of is very dear to me and has suffered so much over the last year. This emergence of jaundice is such a knock. :cry:

Please will someone advise me if I should start chasing for the appointment? Or is a 2 week wait ok? Won't the jaundice get worse?

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