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1 Year On


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Hi All

Well it's been 1 year since my dad passed away, life has changed so much. life so empty without him. Every day i relive the last few weeks and still tears me apart thinking was there some thing else that could have been done to help the pain he was in, the gulit i feel is so much ( should have done more to help.... should have spent more time with him...... should never of moved away .......... should have told him more that i loved him more than words could ever say..... ) i can't belive how time has flown by the support i have had from all of you has been amazing i would never have got through the last 15 months without you thank you all soo much you all mean so much to me

I do hope and pray that everyone on here gets the news they all want

Lots of love and hugs to everyone fighting this and all their families

Pauline XXXXXX

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Hi Pauline. I know it's probably seemed longer to you but I can't believe it's a year already. Everyone's different but there's a common consensus that the first year is the hardest so I hope that's true for you.

Guilt is part of the grieving process but you really have nothing to feel guilty for - it was plain to all of us here at the time how much you loved your Dad and how much you did for him. He knew how much you loved him - there's no way he couldn't have known.

Around an anniversary is always a difficult time, so if you need to talk don't forget we're still here to support you.


Nicki x

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Hi Pauline, it's almost a year since my dad died. It's a cruel illness and it's torn my family apart but I won't let myself dwell on the last weeks of my Dad's life. I understand your pain but there's nothing more you could have done. My sister treats the rest of us as though we some how had a hand in my Dad's death but I realise that she is so very angry. I can't get certain memories out of my head with regards to my Dad's death but I try to put those thoughts away. My Dad wouldn't be happy if he knew that we were agonising over him. He would want to be remembered for the brilliant person he was and for the life he lead. You shouldn't think 'if only', 'what if' - we can't go through life thinking that way. Try to stay strong, Gill x

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