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Pancreatitis after FNA biopsy


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Hi, I’m Ruth. This is my first post 

I don’t yet have a diagnosis. I’ve been offered an EUS, endoscopic ultrasound with a fine needle biopsy of a cyst in the tail of my pancreas. I was told there’s a risk of pancreatitis after this but I wasn’t given any other information about that. 
So my questions are does anyone have experience of this?
How soon after the procedure do you know you’ve got it,

what’s the treatment,

does it get better or is it permanent, and if it does resolve, how long does that take?

Does it mean being in hospital? 


This cyst was an incidental finding, I am 81 and really well. I just can’t decide whether to pursue this or not. 

would value all opinions please. 

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Hello Ruth

My husband had an EUS with fine needle biopsy too and did have pancreatitis afterwards. We were not warned about this so his symptoms, which started pretty soon after the procedure, alarmed us.  He was admitted to Hospital and stayed  for a few nights until his bloods were satisfactory and his temperature normal then sent home and told it would clear in time, which it did.

Hope everything goes well, Ruth.  This forum and the nurses supporting it were a great help to us but unfortunately it’s no longer quite so active - a great shame.

Kind regards

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Hi broju,

thankyou for replying. Please can I ask you a bit more. 
Did the symptoms come on while your husband was still at the hospital where he had the EUS? Or had you gone home? 
Do you remember how long it took to settle completely? 
Did the result of the FNA change the management of his disease?
Did he ever have another episode and if so was that after an FNA or just out of the blue? And did that settle also?


 I hope asking you these questions isn’t too distressing for you. If so I apologise, I’m sorry. 

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