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My dad lost his fight


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Hi guys - first post but this has been a helpful forum to read and not feel so alone - we are in Australia; but this was the only forum I could find for pancreas cancer. 

Tldr my dad

symptoms March 2022

diagnosed 1st Nov 2023 

Deceased 4th August 2023


My dad started getting symptoms in around March 2022; (reflux; bloating; followed by unusual blood clots and kidney infections) 

He was officially diagnosed in November 2022

Started chemo in around December; started off feeling really well - he was putting weight on with the beginning of chemo as it attacked the tumour. 

Chemo started to get on top of him and they stopped it at Easter time around March after a blood infection and other side effects. The tumour was found to have shrunk by 33% which we felt was the first good news we heard. 


He did a course of radiation as well as a bile duct stent around end of May 2023


10th June we were called to the hospital as dad had sepsis and they were concerned he wasn't going to make it. When we arrived he was tired and confused; but ok - he pulled through.


Dad's birthday (72) was the end of June 2023 and he was in pain; finding it hard to eat more than a little at a time; irritable and overwhelmed. We did our best with a quiet celebration and he had some ice-cream cake.


13th July was a hospital appointment -  he was tired and no longer irritable. Just tired of it all 


Admitted to hospital after the palliative care nurse wasn't happy with his blood pressure.


Fri 28th july was a doctor meeting where the doctor informed they were stopping all treatment and recommending hospice care - max 3 months. 


Dad was super tired; no energy; hard for him to eat much at all.  


The nurse came to see us later and suggested he didn't have more than a few days. 

My stepsister brought his dog in to visit; and we were looking at some old vintage car mags (he was able to name year and model just by looking - I need to read the labels!) 


Sunday 30th we brought my girls in to visit; and some friends also visited.


Monday 31st he was moved to hospice - my sister called me to update that he was comfortable and quite bright; ate some ice-cream.


Wednesday 2nd I talked to my stepmom who said he was mostly sleeping but comfortable


Wednesday night 2nd August she called to let me know that he was breathing differently and maybe come to visit

He was breathing rattly; and he was sleeping with his eyes half closes; not really responsive. 


Friday morning this morning 4th August he went into a coma at 1:30am; passing away at 3:45am


Love you dad ❤️ you did a good fight and I'm glad it went fairly quickly for you at the end - no more pain now. 



My dad could do anything - he was a welder by trade but he could fix or make anything you wanted. 


He was always a clown with his funny dad jokes and  smart ass comments and he was impulsive meaning he hurt himself a lot! He always has a scratch or bandage or burn somewhere. He used to race speedway, and he was just the best dad. He could make you feel understood in just one word. He used to joke about getting his belt out but he never ever hit us and I don't think even yelled at us ever. 


He would come and do water fights with my kids and play nerf fights with my nephew when he was younger -  in the lounge - jumping behind couches and nerf bullets whizzing over everyone's heads while we were having cups of tea 😂  he used to take my kids for rides on the quad bike; and refereed football for my nephew. Looked after my first daughter when she was born so I could go to work one day a week and not go crazy! 


My brother was born severely disabled and my mum took his care on 100% - which meant my sister and I were often left to ourselves  - my dad worked two jobs and took care of us on weekends; taking us out rollerskating or on nature walks. Mum was my brother's parent; and dad was my sister and mine. 


My dad was the most amazing dad and I can't believe he's not around anymore X 


Love to all following this dreaded pathway xx






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Support Team

Dear Sideliner,


I wanted to share my sympathies at the loss of your lovely Dad to this horribly cruel disease.

I am sure many people have read what you have written with a tear in their eye and empathy for your situation.

I am glad you still have some strong and very fond memories of your wonderful Dad - special family times which will always be yours to remember and in time, smile about.


Sending our best wishes to you and your family at this hard time.


Thank you for sharing your story.


Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Team


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