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Not diagnosed


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Hi everyone, I'm new here, and had a little browse before posting. My heart goes out to each and all.


As my post states, I've not been diagnosed, I'm probably just needlessly stressing. 


My mum was unfortunately taken by this awful and cruel cancer. She was 58, and it still feels like yesterday, though almost 12 years ago now.


I am 43, over the last month, I've been having what I thought was possible upper uti symptoms. Pain on right side abdomen and upper back. (Under ribs) After a few days I got antibiotics, then 2nd dose as symptoms were still there. I'm still no further forward. I've had kidney stones previously and so I was thinking that. Urine analysis is clear so ruled out uti. Pain slightly under sternum area.


I can't say I'm in agony, it's dull more or less persistent 'still there' kind of pain. 


I'll be honest, that after my mum, I'm actually scared to know of anything with pancreas. 


I've no weight loss....


Appetite never greatest, 


No change in bowels etc




I'm nnot ven sure what I'm asking here to be honest, other than how everyone knew, "I need to see doctor" I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac just of my mum, 





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It's natural to feel symptoms that related to a loved one. I nursed my family member with PC and wanting so badly to hang onto him, eventually accepting, that he was loosing the battle to live. On his passing I was devastated unconsoleable with 70 yrs of history of him in my life. 

Within the following TWO years I too had ' symptoms ' convinced, I had PC.I related to all my deceased's brothers illness. I even thought heart attack coming. Chest pains arm pains, numb tingling to left fingers.

Palpitations of my heart. Grief can rise and fall and is so physically debilitating. My rib cage felt it had a 3" belt wrapped around it pulling tightly. I headed for Drs. 

Drs - Ecg- full physical examination of body-blood tests. Results -All CLEAR. Nothing. 


The days after all my checks and results- I had no further symptoms. 

The mind is as strong as the body. Both compete with each other. 

I hope you can get your reassurances. Don't be afraid. 


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Thank you so much for replying.  

I seen my gp who referred me to hospital as I'd had a bad few days of severe pain. Thankfully I did get reassurance in way of it being gallstones. I was in some ways feeling that every slight twinge was similar to my late mums symptoms.  I think that's why I put off seeing gp, as I didn't want to seem like I was unnecessarily panicking. I know my own body however,  and like all of us, we need to be aware that it's only ourselves who can feel what we do. 

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