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My 20 y.o. daughter was recently diagnosed with inoperable Stage 3 PC


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It's hard to believe and accept that your only child got cancer at this age. Just a month ago she was attending university and rushing to complete her projects before Spring break and applying to placements. She even had her interview in her ward before the cruel diagnosis put everything upside down. 


On my end, my life was just going back to normal after my husband's passing from COVID almost 3 years ago. I wonder what else should I expect from life?


In 2021, my daughter started studying in the UK. We traveled together from NYC when she moved; this was our first trip to the UK. I haven't come back until now when she was hospitalized in a neighboring hospital. I have been in this city for more than 2 weeks. My daughter had 2 failed ERCP attempts, a PTC procedure to drain the bile and control the jaundice. And in 2 days she will have the stent inserted, if everything goes well. She's lost weight and is now anemic. So far, the hospital is trying to refer her to a specialized hospital with a teen/juvenile unit to start her treatment. The first hospital that was approached didn't have capacity to take more patients. And now, a second option has been discussed. We were told that the second hospital would only accept the referral if they see that an alternate treatment can be applied. By end of this week we'll know if the second hospital will take care of my daughter's treatment. If it doesn't, she will have to start the standard treatment (chemotherapy) at her local hospital. I just know that she needs to start her treatment the soonest possible but things seem to move so slow.


In addition to all the emotional distress, there is a lot of uncertainty and feelings that my own daughter's care is just out of my control.      

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I am so very, very sorry, Expat. You don’t say which city you are in but in any case the nurses on here are probably the best people to help you. Give them a call as soon as you can. You will find them extremely knowledgeable and supportive.

Personally I would make a complete nuisance of myself and call the first hospital often to enquire about capacity, even now while they’re discussing the alternate treatment option at the other hospital.

I hope the stent insertion goes smoothly.

My thoughts are with both you and your daughter. xx


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Thank you very much for your message and advise Broju. As I'm a foreigner here I don't know how things work. This is indeed very helpful!

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