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My husband (59) was diagnosed with cancer in the neck of pancreas, stage 3 in July 2022. He had a few rounds of Folfirinox and reacted very badly, ending up in hospital for 3 weeks.

He then did Gem/Abtaxane until Christmas but it did not shrink tumour and he had 11 mm Mets to liver on last CT at end of Jan, so stage 4.

He is currently halfway through six sessions of Folfox, however, his CA19 - 9 is pretty much doubling every two weeks since Jan and is now 8000 +. He is also pretty miserable with few goods days while on chemo. So I am assuming the cancer is spreading probably in liver given the Mets.


Would anyone have any ideas as to what is the next step? Are we at the end of the line treatment wise? 

Would there be any benefits from radiotherapy? It has not been suggested as yet.

The next CT is due mid April when Folfox cycles are complete.  

My husband is very reluctant to ask questions and I do not want to do it in front of him, however, I really feel I need to know what is coming so that I can sort our business, family etc. and also I want to do my best for him so the more I know the better.

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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I was diagnosed in December 2021and I like your husband am reluctant to ask questions, but my wife is the polar opposite and demanded answers to her questions from everyone involved in my treatment, I did not want to know what was happening to me but my wife of 45years was having none of it, she makes sure she is updated on everything the clinicians do to me, so my advice to you is to always ask questions no matter what your other half say's, and no you are not at the end of the line I had a failed whipple operation in August 2022 the surgeon gave me another 12 months of active life but I know and feel well enough that I will beat that expectation by a wide mile. 

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Just want to say I feel exactly the same and want to the know the ins and outs to it all. My Dad has just been diagnosed with what I’m guessing will be stage 4 as there is also a spot on the liver and an op is not an option. 

Lee; you are filling me with the hope I need! My dad doesn’t have a symptom at all and we wouldn’t know if he wasn’t checked every 6 months due to previous testicular cancer. I know he won’t give in easily! 

sending you both strength and hope. 

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