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Are treatment options different if paid for/private?


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My Dad has been informed that he has 'a type of pancreatic cancer'. We haven't been informed of much more than that, which is extremely frustrating and this constantly feels like a waiting game. 

In December 2022 by Dad had his usual 6monthly blood test following getting the all clear from testicular cancer 3 years ago. The December blood tests showed that a cancer marker was up. Second blood test showed the same result. CT scan showed a mass near the pancreas. PET Scan that followed showed the mass near the pancreas and a spot on the liver. We were informed at this point they were sure (99.9%) that the mass was not attached to the pancreas. Biopsy was taken on 7th Feb and we had results last week, over the phone, to inform that it is a 'type' of pancreatic cancer. He was referred to a surgical team for them to review surgery as an option. 

We were informed last week that surgery isn't an option now that it is on the liver. I have so many questions and I don't feel that we are being answered!  It feels that now that it's not operable we are massively playing with time and this is a huge waiting game! 


1) Are treatment options different if we paid private? 

2) Is surgery an option if the spot on the liver is killed with chemo? 


I feel like we're in the unknown. Nothing about stages has been mentioned (although I am guessing this is stage IV), prognosis, care plan. I feel like we're in the dark! 


I'd appreciate any comments on experiences. 


Sending hope to all who finds themselves on this forum searching for answers (and hope!) x

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