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Moving to hospice


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Dad's moving to a hospice from hospital. He was diagnosed 2nd November and has been in hospital since 23rd November. Clots in lung and stents placed on bile duct. He's just getting weaker and weaker and it's horrible.

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Yes, chelle50, it is really, really horrible. Be aware that your Dad is in the best place where the nurses can quickly identify his discomfort and help to ease it.  My husband wanted to be at home and it was truly horrible. Talk to him and hold him.

Much love to you at this time.  Take great care of yourself.xx 

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Hi Chelle 


I lost my Mum just over 2 weeks ago. She was diagnosed last September and was in hospital before Christmas having an operation for a blocked duodenum. She got home for Christmas, but had to go back in. She was eventually moved to hospice care and it was so much better than the hospital. Everyone was so friendly and kind. My Mum, my Dad and I were taken care of so well. My Mum wanted to be home, but I had to refuse as her pain and symptoms were not under enough control. This was one of the most painful decisions I have ever had to make.  She would have suffered too much. In the hospice your Dad will have the care he needs to be as comfortable as possible. 


It really is a most awful disease. My thoughts are with you. 







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