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Answers I'm never going to get.


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Hi I don't know where to start really. My husband to be was fit and healthy, we enjoyed walking doing the garden etc. In July he had his regular Mot check at the doctor which came back with his liver function coming back as slightly high. The doctors re did a blood test which again showed the same result. With this time scale into August he was getting a strange taste in his mouth where everything he ate tasting  like it was dripping in sugar the weight started to fall off him. The doctor sent him for a ct scan in the middle of September as he could feel his liver was enlarged. While waiting for this result he was taken into hospital with very low blood pressure and heart failure along with fluid retention. While in there for 3 days we found out that the ct scan showed some signs of ciroiss of the liver which they said could be treated along with judice. Friday of that week he passed away. The doctor who had sent him for the ct scan spoke to me after he had passed away and long with the symptoms he was showing if he had been a betting man he would say he had pancreatic cancer. For us as a family it's hard to process how quickly this all happened I feel guilty for not getting him to the doctor before then however the doctor did say the outcome would probably of been the same. I feel I've been robbed of our dreams and find it so hard at moment to take it all in. On the ct scan nothing came up to say there was anything on the pancreas which is even more heartbreaking, the doctor did say that sometimes this can happen. Thanks for reading 

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Hi , I get your pain and please don’t blame yourselves xx my partner before diagnosis of pancreatic cancer actually has a printed ct result which we have at home saying no issues with pancreas , his jaundice and liver function didn’t agree with that . 3 years down the line , whipples op , itu , Chemo , radiotherapy he’s still here but it’s back , terminal , it’s like living in never never land , now jaundiced again , quite ill , but urgent scans 10 to 14 days , so here we go again !!! Every one is different , so kept going all of you , I can’t do anything right at the moment but that’s because he’s so stressed and feels so ill. Don’t let this cancer steal your good hours xxx


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HI Sunshine123,


I am sorry to read your story and hear of your Husband's passing, please accept our heartfelt thoughts.  I am sure this must be such a difficult time in processing some of the information you may have been given and also your own thoughts as you mentioned.


Please do feel free to contact or Nurses on the support line service (0808 801 0707) as they can listen and offer you some thoughts and guidance.


Thinking of you in these difficult days.


Support Team

Pancreatic Cancer UK



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