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Mrs T

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Hi All,

My mum was diagnosed last week with Stage 4. Spread to liver. She is 63 and handling the news so well. She was adamant that she didn't want Chemo but is now considering it. She has been offered the most aggressive one. The issue is we just need advice on pros n cons from real people. Her thing is quality over quabtity. My uncle , her brother died 2yrs ago from the same thing so she knows what is coming so must be terrified. He was only offered the lighter of Chemo due to his weightless. Any advice welcome. Xx

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Mrs T: Every person’s experience with chemo is different as our bodies respond to it differently.  In order to research chemotherapies, it’s important to know the exact name of the recommended chemotherapy, as well as to have some understanding of your mother’s current health. Was your mother offered Folfirinox? I had a Modified Folfirinox (75% strength) which has been researched to have fewer side effects without compromising efficacy. 

Best wishes. 

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Sandvvon, yes I believevthat's the one she's been offered. The oncologist said this is due to her general health and fitness. Thanks for the response. 

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As Sandyvon says, everyone’s experience is different. But my fit & healthy 65 year old husband had 6 months of Folfirinox after his diagnosis. His only side effect was peripheral neuropathy - loss of sensation in fingers & toes. Apart from that he did really well, some foods tasted different but he didn’t lose his appetite. As a comparison he had lymphoma 10 years ago and the chemo then wiped him out completely for a week. 

I reckon the Folfirinox gave him an extra year. He lived 20 months after diagnosis and was well up until the final 6 weeks. We went on holidays and lots of day trips. 

I’m so sorry this is happening to you and wish you and your mum good luck. 

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Sorry you and your Mum are going through this. My Dad was diagnosed the same except he had 3 mets. He had Folfirinox, the neuropathy was quite debilitating at first but the oncologist reduced the dose of the oxalyplatin part of the Folfirinox and it became more manageable. It wasn't great, but he somehow managed the full 12 cycles.


After a break from chemo, the tumour showed to have grown and his tumour marker had shot up. The oncologist suggested he try Gemcap - a combination of gemcitabine and capecitabine, but he didn't like and as it didn't have the desired effect, the oncologist took him off it.


He'll be 3 weeks into a drug trial this Thursday, one of the side effects is terrible (seems he's in the minority). We don't know if he'll be able to continue.


I think I just wanted to show there are different routes and everyone reacts differently to the drugs. Our mantra since he was diagnosed  'you don't know unless you try'.

You can always stop any treatment, at any time.


Virtual hugs to you and family, its a horrid thing to go through. If I could give just one piece of advice it would be to talk about everything. Life, death, memories, care, what happens after... bringing everything into the open doesn't make it any easier to bear but it does make it easier to talk openly and that is so important.  X

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