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My mum (73) had her first oncology appointment yesterday. Didn’t expect this and it has shocked me. So back in mid March my mum had stomach ulcer. Doctors took sample cells from her stomach. At the time we were told there were no results. Found out YESTERDAY the sample of the stomach ulcer contained cancer cells. So not only my mum has PC, it has spread to her liver AND stomach. 

We asked why has it taken so long to get this information and they said they did not have the results and apologised. I’m disappointed at this, as this should have been communicated sooner when the doctors found out, not wait till my mum had the oncology appointment.

My mum had a blood test yesterday, now have to wait till Monday/Tuesday to check her haemoglobin levels. this will help the oncology team to access what her bloods are like and if there is a need for further blood transfusions.  Chemo will lessen her blood count so they will have to keep an eye on that throughout her chemo.  If Haemoglobin levels are low she will have to have regular blood transfusions.
Been told my mum will have the combination drugs– Gemcitabine & nab-paclitaxel.

Has anyone had or know anyone who has had Gemcitabine & nab-paclitaxel before?

If they can give any advice or support.


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I had the Modified (75%) dose of Folfirinox if there are concerns for toxicity. In Canada, my understanding is Folfirinox is the recommended chemotherapy. I’ve posted this information on another thread. 



I’m including some information on the type of chemotherapy your mother is to receive. 



Best wishes. 



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