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Causation of PC always searching for ans


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I'm sure all attached to this site are carers and sufferers of this disease. I've been attached since Sept 2019. I sadly finally lost my bro to the disease in March 2021. 

I've not stopped thinking of how, why? And I wonder still. 

My bro was fit healthy man a footballer, regular active ballroom dancer, he didn't drink, nor smoke. 

There's no history of this disease to our parents or grandparents.

The only meds my bro took was " warfarin" when he had one blood clot to his leg after a football game, at aged 40. So for 36 years was given Warfarin. 

I wonder, as I read about Warfarin it is top of a list,  with another 260 types of drugs which are listed that CAN case inflammation to the Pancreas. 

I wonder if anyone else diagnosed with PC has considered any correlation to their medication they are on. ? 

Just a thought. 

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My mum has had AF for many years and took Warfarin for many years and more recently Rivaroxaban. 
She is more artistic than active but neither a drinker or smoker. We were also very shocked by her PC diagnosis as she cooked good wholesome food through out her life. My lucky dad didn’t know what a ready meal was until very recently!!

We are still very much at the coal face of our journey, but would very much like to know of possible causes and hopefully research will eventually bring forward some answers for us all.

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I would recommend Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as there could be a genetic mutation which has caused the pancreatic cancer. That was the case for me. 

Best wishes. 

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