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Excessive sweating


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Hi, I have been checking in with this forum quite regularly over the last few months looking for advice and reassurance and have   been helped enormously by it.

My 77 year old mum was diagnosed back in July 21, she was initially offered the Whipple but in the end was not deemed fit enough for this procedure (that took to the end of October) she then needed further Endoscopic procedures to gather cells to determine what type of cancer, this was not successful until end February. Chemo was then proscribed to start middle of March but could not start because my mum was rushed into hospital for life saving surgery. They did not want to operate but had no choice. She is now home from hospital with a Stoma to add to everything else she is suffering with, the likelihood of starting Chemo receding fast. 

She is on so much medication for pain, she spends all her time sleeping or spaced out. Her food intake is becoming less and less, but her stomach is more and more bloated, with the extra complexity of her surgery scar and Stoma. The emotional aspect is extremely difficult, watching her deteriorate is so painful.

My mums condition is made made so much worse by her sweating, mostly at night but not only. Last night she needed 3 nighties. It’s a cold clammy sweat ( no temperature).

This is really distressing her and both district and hospice nurses say they can not say why, only probably to do with cancer.

Has anybody else experienced this and is there anything I can do/give my mum to help her.

Thank you in advance.

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When is she supposed to follow up with the Surgeons?  Sometimes sweating at night can be a sign she is starting to have an infection occur in her belly.  Are the nurses happy that she is not developing an infection, but think the night sweats are indeed cancer related only? I guess her stoma has continued to work normally and nothing with that has recently changed? I'm sorry I have no idea how to stop night sweats if it is indeed being caused by the cancer.

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Thanks for replying so quickly Jen.

Follow up with surgeon is another week away but this week we have had a district nurse, hospice nurse and paramedic in to see her. They are happy with her scar and her temp is normal. The sweats are cold and clammy.

A Stoma nurse is coming to see her tomorrow to take out stitches and check everything is as should be. Output is very little but input is also very little. 
Nobody is telling us whether we are at the end stage or it’s the operation that has bought mum right down and she will pick up. They have just prescribed steroids hoping to give her a boost, fingers crossed.

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Hi Lornacath

My husband suffered badly with night sweats to be point of changing the bed covers 3/4 times a night. I bought some gel pillows and a few of the airmax duvets and various different sheets but they helped very little and we kept an electric fan on throughout the night which helped a little.  Please give the pcuk nurses a ring for any suggestions, they were an absolute god send to us. I wish your mum all the best in the fight of this horrible disease. I hope you are getting some support too x

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Thank you Gafferfor sharing your experience with me, it feels reassuring some how that were not alone. It’s so distressing seeing someone you love go through so much and the sweating seems to really distress her. I’m going to look on line for a gel pillow it’s definitely worth a try, a fan we already use.

Mum had bloods taken yesterday and within a few hours the doctor were proscribing antibiotics, this being added to a long list of medications she is already taking. 
I’m praying that the Steroids they have started her on this week deliver the boost we are hoping for. 
Thank you again for advice, really appreciate it.

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