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Everything happening so quickly with Mum


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Hi, my Mum is 73 and was told she has bowel cancer spread to the liver at the end of November. She was waiting for a liver biopsy to determine what chemo she would be having. Mid December she needed morphine as the pain was getting worse, pain and morphine increasing over Christmas. Finally had the biopsy on the 13th and it turned out to be advanced  pancreatic cancer, with no treatment available, with weeks/months to live. She has been varying but mostly sleeping and drugged up talking nonsense. She knows she's hallucinating etc which makes her feel worse. Her mobility has declined rapidly, and I barely got her to bed last night. Also couldn't swallow tablets last night and hasn't been eating much. She's just gone into a nursing home today. 

I'm struggling with it all as the decline seems so fast, she has no quality of life now, and has said she doesn't want to be around any more. I live abroad, my family are at home and I miss them so much. My Grandad died last year and I couldn't come over with the travel restrictions, my Grandma died a couple of weeks ago....now this is all happening with Mum. My Mum's partner has been brilliant and his life has been turned upside down too. It's just a shock as it seems to be happening quickly and I'm trying to hold it together for my kids (who only think Grandma is sick), and my Mum. I just hope it doesn't get too much worse for her.

Sorry for rambling. These forums have been a great help for finding things out.


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