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Dad with 4cm tail tumour small liver mets no treatment - how long ?


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Been told 'months' but that could be anything from 2 to 12 ! No current symptons other than weight loss. Just interested in hearing about anyone who has had a similar cancer so I can put some plans in place. 





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Hi Zola - thank you for posting. Everybody is different and it's impossible to say with certainty how quickly things might progress, but I appreciate that the not knowing makes it hard to come to terms with things and make plans. I'd encourage you to give the specialist nurses on our Support Line a call - they're there to answer any questions you might have and support you, as well as your Dad. You can call 0808 801 0707 or get in touch by email. There's also lots of information on our website about caring for a loved one with pancreatic cancer.


I hope some of our other forum members who have been in a similar situation will share their thoughts in time - please keep us posted if you'd like to, and don't hesitate to contact us if we can support you and your family. We're here for you.

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Hi Zola

My advice to you is don’t get hung up on timeframes as everyone is different. My hubby was given an average of 6 months and with the help of chemo survived 19 months from his terminal diagnosis. Sadly he died in April this year and although we together shielded for nearly a year we made the best of it.  Of course the 19 months still wasn’t long enough and of course Covid robbed us of many things we would have done whilst he was still reasonably well. 


Make the most of the time you have with dad making memories and taking plenty of photos. Just spending time with him is very important, just talking and sharing stories and plenty of hugs. One person gave me some very good advice which was just ‘being’, something I really appreciate now as looking back it was something I really value - just being together and not particularly doing anything but taking comfort in each other’s company. 


In my hubby’s case things happened quite quickly in the end but please don’t focus on this but the here and now. I hope too you are getting some support. The nurses at pcuk are fantastic and have a wealth of knowledge, they are there at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have.


I wish you all the very best. 

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Thankyou Gaffer and so sorry about your husband. Thankfully we moved my parents down to be nearer to us recently so I see him most days and we have got out all the family slides a few times now.


Take care x

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Hello Zola My husband was diagnosed in June last year with cancer of the pancreas in the tail 4 1/2 cm and he’s got secondaries in the liver and the lungs was given palliative chemo he is still fighting it .

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