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Loss from diabetes complications


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I am hoping to find others with a similar experience,  as we tragically list my uncle recently. The cancer was discovered last November,  and he was not offered the whipple. He went through his first round of chemo, but began to find his sugar levels changing and after a blood transfusion in March had mild hypo. He lived alone and luckily we found him. He then began a new chemo in July, but his blood sugar levels were all over the place. He was becoming thin and weak, and the combination of medicines were not helping. He was then put on insulin, but a week later lapsed into a coma over night. He had seizures and passed away with sepsis 4 days later. We are devastated as we feel that he still had a battle ahead and maybe longer with us, but the lack of advice with his rapid change in blood sugars seemed rather unimportant to the doctors and we had no idea of its effect. Has anyone else had any experience,  as we cannot find much about this. Is this common? Thank you. 

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After my Whipple surgery, I was monitoring my blood sugars as I was at risk for diabetes due to the surgery on my pancreas.I continued to monitor my blood sugar,  my temperature, and my blood pressure when I was taking the Modified Folfirinox chemotherapy. After chemotherapy, my blood sugar was elevated for a few days but returned to normal. 

i don’t have a medical background but your uncle’s reaction to chemotherapy must be considered a rare occurrence due to his weakened pancreas. 

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I was diagnosed with PC in the head of the Pancreas in March 21, and at the same time type 3C (same as type 1) diabetes, and have been insulin dependant ever since. My levels are reasonably stable, but go through the roof (20 - 30+) on the chemo and steroid days, which I just live with. Luckily they go up and for me, a sugar leveel below 5 is extremely rare and have never had a hypo.

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