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My Beloved Husband


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On this day five years ago my beloved husband left this world after a five month battle with pancreatic cancer.  He had had four months of weight loss and pain and scans etc prior to this and was misdiagnosed.  When he was eventually diagnosed on 3rd May it had already spread to his liver, spine and lungs.  He was put on a very light chemo regimen because he was so frail and on 12th August we were told that it wasn’t working.  

I just need to say I miss you darling and love you more than ever.  To those of you going through this, cosset yourself, allow yourself to feel the pain.  I used to berate myself in those early years for some of the decisions I made or failed to make but thankfully I have found a kind of peace and acceptance.  Sending my love to everyone out there.  

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Hi Travellingwidow


Please accept my sincere condolences at your loss.


My fiancee passed away on the 9th September this year aged just 52 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2019 she then had the Whipple procedure and 12 bouts of chemotherapy which was a savage experience for her and then on the very last CT scan we were told the devastating news that the cancer had returned in her abdomen and lungs.


After a long debate i convinced her that she must go through the chemotherapy again unfortunately she never got this chance as she got pneumonia and after 3 weeks of being in hospital and nobody being able to visit due to Covid restrictions she was told with no one there that they no longer thought it was the pneumonia causing the breathing issues but the cancer spreading she came home by ambulance on the Friday and passed away the following Thursday just 6 days later surrounded by myself and the rest of the family.


Everyday i beret myself about what i could have done differently and better and i think this will last forevermore and am convinced that Covid had an impact on the care she received.


She was an exceptionally beautiful honest women who was my soul mate and rock in this world and is simply irreplaceable and someone that i miss everyday and will love forevermore my only solace is she is no longer in pain.

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Hi Slim


Thank you and I am so sorry you had to go through this with the addition of the cruel restrictions imposed by Covid regulations.


I hope you will also find solace in the fact that your beloved fiancée was able to come home.  I still have one or two small regrets but I have learned with time to be less harsh with myself.  You loved her unconditionally and she knew that.  Your bond with her is eternal.  

I send my love to you.  

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