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Hello all. New to the forum. I am here on behalf of my one & only mother who turns 72 next month (in 3 weeks time) She is still very much with us, but got her PC diagnosis back in late march and needless to say it`s rough seas in all directions now. Initially we put our trust in chemotherapy to combat this terrible disease and to help shrink the tumor but the sad fact is that she has paid a very high price going through chemotherapy for ca. 3 months. It really threw her across the floor and she is still dazed and confused now approx. 2 months after coming off the chemo. Infact the tumour grew slightly during her chemo but what little specs of spread on her liver was there is for the time being gone. She has relied on a feeding tube to sustain her health/weight for the past 4-5 months now and i feed her five times a day. That`s right, this disease has stolen all of her appetite and she claims she can not swallow foods without a lot of work so digesting on her own is a really lenghty prospect. She even lost some of her balance and so i wonder if it could be some form of nerve damage from the chemo. She has lost around 30lbs since getting symptom back in late 2020 but her weight has since been at idle and her BMI is now 21. I am technically disabled but i am otherwise healthy which means i can spend most of my time with my mother and take good care of her (i know many are not that fortunate) There is very little sorrow on my part, i always try to emphasis on the positives, i sleep well every night (so does she) and we try to do the best we can all things considered but i feel so bad for her because she is the type of person who always made sure everybody else than herself was ok. Oh how the tables have turned. She taught me well and it feels good to be able to give back some of that TLC. She is an extremely righteous & honest person and a very hard worker for all her life working night shift as a nurse for the past 25 odd years before being forced out of the labour force at 70, she still pressed on and intrepidly started working day shifts with the extra work loads this involved, whatever she could get. At some point down this new path something burst inside her and the eventual outcome was unfortunately PC. I just wish she would have been a little more selfish person but she is not. I just have to accept her for what she is and do whatever i can for her as long as she is around. Anyway end of rambling, welcome me to the forums why don`t you ;-) 

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This is a good site to connect with medical staff and those who have had or are experiencing PC. I found it a comfort to read that other people were going through similar things as I was. It helps to write and receive understanding replies. You sound a great guy and your Mam will be so proud of you. 

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