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Chemo care box - GEMCAP


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Hi all, my lovely mum has been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. At first, they didn’t think chemo would be an option as she had a nasty infection following her EUS to obtain the biopsy. However, since having her axious drain fitted, she’s improved enough to consider chemo. She’s having her CT scan/bloods in the run up to having it but they plan to give her gemcap. 

I had thought about putting a “chemo care box” together for her but I’m totally lost as to what to put in it! It’s only a 30 min infusion so she’ll be there 60-90 mins (providing all goes well). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be a useful addition to the box please? thank you! 🙂

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One of her favourite magazines or books - an audio book if she hasn’t got the energy to read. Or lend her an ipad with a film or favourite TV series downloaded onto it. 

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My mother (71) recently went through a rather strong chemo treatment hoping to send the tumor into recession but it didn`t do any good. It literally wrecked havoc on her systems and in the span of just a couple months ruined her turning her into an old person. She was a very fit & healthy individual before chemo even after losing around 30lbs. She has lost her fine motor skills, her balance and agility, big problems eating/swallowing anything herself, tongue fungus issues and probably more. Seems her whole system has just slowed down and having problems remembering and focusing. I have to be there for her prettty much 24/7 to make sure she is ok. Too much time spent in bed is making her lethargic so i have my work cut out for me trying to motivate her in such a troubled time. I am sure there is a side to this that is psychological which is even harder to fix. Losing your appetite can take away your spark. I feed her five times a day via a feeding tube and make sure she is hydrated. I don`t hold back an inch, i tell it as it is, this is info that needs to be shared and that goes for you too! If anyone knows if genetic sequencing can help "taylor" a chemomixture specifically for an individual, please let me know. I know way too little about this terrible disease and what to do. 

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