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NHS vs Private Operations? Distal Pancreatectomy


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I am hoping I can get some insights from people who have lived in the UK longer than I have. It looks like I'm in for a distal pancreatectomy. Obviously I have many things that are causing stress, but one I just can't seem to find enough information or experiences with to calm my anxiety. And ironically it has nothing to do with the actual surgery (which I'm feeling okay about). 


I am from Texas, and have never experienced a hospital stay where you were in a room with another patient, much less multiple patients like what it seems I'd be in for with NHS wards here. I can see there are private options in the same hospital (Royal Free) but can't really find much on what that ACTUALLY means, or any sort of indication of what it might cost. The only thing I can tell is the surgeon works on both NHS patients and private, so it seems like it could be an option. 

Can anyone share their post-surgical experience being in the NHS wards? How many people are you sharing a room with? Is it awful? The thought of being in the worst pain of my life while worrying about disturbing one or more strangers just has me super anxious. 

Or alternatively, if you have any experience with the private options, I'd love advice! 

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