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Trevor's Results


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Hi, just to let you know that we met with the Oncologist today and basically there is no change although we did get a different slant. Basically the existing tumours in the pancreas have remained the same but whereas we thought that there were 2, we now know there are many but some have fused together so it looks like 2 masses. There is no spread but some lesions on the liver an fluid on the lungs. Trevor hasn't had a blood test for about 3 weeks, which I thought was odd, but his last one showed slightly low levels of albumin and static markers but they've always been around 30 with one blip.

I don't really know what I'm saying here but the upshot is that the scans will go to the MDT tomorrow who will discuss radio but because of the multifocal tumours the Consultant wasn't sure if this would be possible.

I guess this is good news and it is better than I had expected but I just don't feel that way. The kids were upset but they are looking for someone to take it away because that's what doctors do in their eyes.

Saying that, we have surpassed our first goal of 6 months (which last August looked optimistic) and with a good wind we will see in our 10th wedding anniversary in July but for now we are celebrating months so we did have a glass of bubbly.

Good night all.

L x

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Hi Lily

I was wondering whether you had the results of the MDT meeting yet? If not, good luck for next week. I don't know whether you and Trevor want him to have radiotherapy - Ted didn't want it because of the daily attendance at hospital and possible side-effects but that's an unusual situation I understand, and wouldn't be right for everyone. I hope that the decision the doctors reach is the right one for you.

I know what you mean about the six month survival - that feeling when the doctors say "we're probably talking months rather than years" is horrific! Ted was told that more than a year ago now and is still going strong (*touch wood*) and we've just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Our eldest daughter is getting married on 3 July so we're concentrating on that - not long now.

Do let us know what the outcome of the MDT is.

Kind regards

Nicki x

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Thanks Nicky. The Oncologist told us that if it goes ahead it will be every day for 4 weeks as they would like to be as aggressive as possible given Trevor's age and having 2 young kids. Funnily enough,psychologically, this seems to appeal to him more than chemo. He has said that if he continues with chemo he will look for some cognitive therapy though.

We are just hoping that the hospital is one close by and is accessible by car, but we'll find out next Thursday


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