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Mum Diagnosed Operable - Questions


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Hi All,

Gosh I don’t know where to start....

I’m trying to be brave and as helpful as I can but to me it’s the unknown that keeps me awake at night. 

My mum has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this is operable which is the best outcome from what I can see. 
They have said there is a high possibility of a full removal of the pancreas and the spline. 

My worry is what happens next....

I keep reading these very low survival rates after 5 years, and it terrifies me. 

Can anyone shed any light on their situation and how they have coped throughout this. 

I am being a here for my Mother and don’t show her the worry but it keeps me awake every night. 

Love to all going through these times, I’m so thankful to have found this forum, hopefully here I can talk freely and openly about what is happening.

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Hello daughter 001

Im sorry you have had this news.. I wish your mum all the very best in the world x you come across as such a lovely daughter, bless your mum. 

I'm so scared 😔 I'm waiting to have my ct scan Im out of my mind with worry.. Snapping at family 

Scared that they won't be able to help me. 

I have stomach ache more or less all the time 

My gp did an amylase blood test and said it was normal but what is that test for?? I don't know if you know 

Apologies for talking to you in this way x

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It is good news that your mum is able to have the surgery, from what I understand it is a big operation as the pancreas is tucked away at the back and will likely be on long term medications to help the the digestive enzymes and antibiotics of the spleen is removed. 

There will usually be a mop up chemotherapy when your mum is recovered from the surgery. 

The survival rates are scary but the whipple operation is the only thing that can totally remove the cancer and give your mum the best chance. 

I would highly recommend talking to the specialist nurses on the site they are so helpful and knowledgeable and really helped me when my fiancé was diagnosed last year. 

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