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Worry about result of last CT scan...expecting not good.


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My loved one was diagnosed PC July 2019... Whipple... folfirinox chemo... radiotherapy... then another followup CT scan, fully expecting good news, potentially all clear... No.

Now on gemcitabine, last 10 weeks.

Had last CT scan 3 weeks ago... She's getting the result tomorrow Fri 23rd (on her own with her oncologist, due to Covid safety)...

She has the strongest "brave face" I know, but inside I know she's scared... I'm terrified.

We'll know after 11am tomorrow.

Fantastic if it is good news, if it's not, if it's the elephant in the room!

I don't know.

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Update: Not bad news, a huge relief .

CT scan showing some soft tissue as "lighting up", but oncologist didn't use words "cancer cells" or "tumour", it has not changed since last scan. No sign of any secondaries. Bloods clear too!

As a result of last week's Zoom online PCUK support session about Nutrition & Pancreatic Enzymes, she mentioned ant-acid medication to improve effectiveness of Creons. And excessive intestinal bacterial growth after Whipple surgery causing gastric problems.

Ant-acid prescription fulfilled today & bacterial issue to be addressed. Thank you PCUK.

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