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Hair Loss Query


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This is my first post. Good afternoon everybody!

I have recently (4 weeks ago) undergone Whipples procedure. Recently I have noticed that the hair on the top of my scalp seems to be coming out in rather higher quantities than I am used to. I have always had a think head of hair, so this is a new development.

I have considered the following:

1. Just my biology and a factor of my age (54). However, I have always had thick hair, so this is a bit unusual, especially as my 3 brothers also have thick hair and, although I am the eldest by a couple of years, they don't seem to be suffering from hair loss.

2. A result of the traumatic operation and general stress of the last 3 months. Perhaps it is stress and the hair loss will reverse in time. However, I have been under general anaesthetic before (25 years ago) and didn't experience hair loss then.

3. It is a side effect of the drugs I am taking post op. Which are/were:

Adcal (1 week left)


Omeprazole (1 week left)

Movicol (now finished)

Enoxaparin (now finished)

Lactulose (now finished)

I have checked possible side effects with each of the above and there seems to be a suggestion on a couple of sites that Creon can, in a small number of cases, produce hair loss.

Can anyone shed any light on my situation, or perhaps have a similar experience they could share please? I welcome any response.

Many thanks,


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