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Radiation therapy


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Hello. Has anyone had radiation therapy along with Capecitabine? Was it effective? Does it shrink the tumour? Any comments appreciated.

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Hello Jayne and thanks for your reply. My father had this sort of treatment. In fact minus Capecitabine (he is going to take it orally post radiation to facilitate killing the cancerous cells). The oncologist said that the tumour might disappear through radiation but it takes up to three months to measure the full effects.

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Hello, I wanted to see if the radiation was successful? Was the radiation done on the primary tumor? We were told that this might be an option for my father's bone metastasis but that he would have to stop chemotherapy during the radiation. My father's oncologist wanted to wait until his next scan (end of May) to see how the bone reacts to the chemotherapy. Thank you in advance!

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PCUK Nurse Lisa

Hi Connie,

My name is Lisa and I am one of the specialist nurses working on the Support Line at the Charity.  We have the role of moderating the Forum, so I hope you don't mind me commenting here in the absence of any other responses from the Forum community over the last couple of days (possibly whilst our Forum site has been transformed).

Treatment of bone mets in pancreas cancer tends to vary slightly depending on the number of lesions, their distribution (where are they) and if they are causing pain.  They are, in general, treated differently to the primary pancreas tumour.  If you want to discuss this further, you'd  be welcome to call our support line and speak to one of the nursing team directly if this would help?

Wishing you and your father all the best,


Pancreatic Cancer Nurse Specialist

Pancreatic Cancer UK Support Line: Freephone 0808 801 0707


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