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Hello all newbie here


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Hi all, my mum is awaiting an EUS with biopsy as two (what we have been told are Cysts) have been picked up on a CT scan she had in December. My mum is in remission for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and also had surgery two years ago for

bowel cancer. She had chemo after the bowel cancer (to mop up as there was no spread) The CT scan was a routine one.

I appreciate this forum is for those already diagnosed but I’m obviously very worried. Mum seems well on herself, she says she doesn’t have any strange symptoms. She does have bowel issues but I know the resection surgery she had can cause this too. My dad had cancer twice and we lost him two years ago. Im all too familiar with Cancer (feel a bit too familiar with everything the family has been through over the last several years) but terrified mum might have PC now. I’ve googled cysts etc.

I called endoscopy yesterday and they have the referral and it’s down as an urgent pathway one, which is good.

I think as my mums been through cancer twice she feels a bit invincible and thinks a quick blast of chemo or a little surgery will fix it (as this has been her experience - she’s been unlucky having cancer twice but also lucky that both were treated successfully)

I’ll hang around in the forum until we know what’s going on but just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best x

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Hello Amanda. Please do not worry everything will turn out fine for your Mum. Does she have weight loss. If not then probably it is not pancreatic cancer.

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