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Pain and risk (with Whipple or nano kinife)


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My brothers tumour is stage 3 inoperable (in the body and very close to major arteries). It hasn't spread. He was diagnosed in August 2020 and before starting chemo (floforinox) he was in acute pain. Does anyone have any strategies for how to manage / prevent pain?


Has anyone had any successful experiences with doing things outside of the consultant - second opinions, nano knife (maybe Heidelberg but UK would be better) to remove tumour or using other drugs / methods to shrink? I suppose what I'm trying to find out is how risk adverse the consultants are....

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Hi Lucy. My name is Vasil and I come from Bulgaria. My father was diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable in July 2020. Two months later it was stage 4 even though he had started chemo (also Folfirinox). Right after diagnosis he underwent a procedure called "nerve block". It was very important for he has virtually experienced no pain since. Could you ask for this intervention. it is under general anesthesia but lasts ten minutes or so and it is totally harmless.

Regarding Nano Knife there is a contra-indication if the SMA is involved (superior mesenteric artery). Unfortunately my father's tumor is wrapped around this artery which makes him ineligible for electroporation.

Has your brother finished chemo? Best regards Vasil.

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