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Hair loss with abraxane


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Hi, I am new here. I will start chemo with abraxane inside a clinical trial and although I am very happy to be able to get the treatment, as a woman with a hair that I like I am a bit worried about hair loss. Don't get me wrong, I will get the treatment no matter what but I would like to be prepared. Is is possible that I do not lose all my hair? Does everybody need a wig? Any tips? I would really like to hear experiences about this.

Thank you all.

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Hello, from what I understand, although nothing is certain, the gem abraxane combo is likely to lead to hair loss. My husband, who is on it and bald to start with, is loosing beard hair after only 2 sessions (he likes his beard).

My mum also lost her hair when she had chemo (Breast cancer) and so did a good friend (Hodgkin) they both took a different path: one had loads of fancy wigs (‘i can finally try all the styles i never dared’) the other one went for and rocked the shorn look (my mum). Both benefited from wearing cotton jersey hats at night (Avoids the pretty depressing sight of hair on the pillow and much more comfy than other hats).

Use super gentle shampoo, do not comb wet hair, have it cut a manageable length (bob) if it starts falling, and get eyebrows pencil in case those come out too.

Wigs are hot and can be scratchy but can be a huge morale booster if you want to ‘pass’ and can’t be bothered to look cheerful. My friend would wear them to pop to the shop etc but not at home where she was happy to growl. My mum was certain she would want wigs, she got fitted etc but ended up hating it and never wore them.

Both carried on looking gorgeous although both sometimes looked green around the gills when in full chemo-nausea mode but that did not last.

If you loose hair you might also get super dry nails so get a good nail cream and look after your skin as it might get dry too. Also get eye drops as your eyes might get dry and you might loose eye lashes for a bit.

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Hello Marta

So sorry you find yourself on this forum. Good luck with chemo and go kick PC where the sun doesn't shine. My hubby had folfirinox initially which did nothing to his hair but after just 2 sessions for gem/abraxane started to lose it very quickly. I am not sure if abraxane alone causes hair loss.

Sending purple hugs xxx

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