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The next stage of the rollercoaster!


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I don't know if there's an option to do private messaging on here through the add friend function.....maybe the moderator could confirm this??? I've added you as a friend anyway through this in case that is the way

Take care


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Hi Clair/Emma: As far as I know there’s no private messaging function via ‘add friend’ (the board has some options that are not activated for security/privacy reasons, I’m told).

But if you and Emma contact us via moderator@pancreaticcancer.org.uk to authorise us to give out your email address, we can put you in direct contact with one another. Warm regards, Vee (moderator)

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Hi Claire!

I have contacted the moderator to let you have my email address, just not sure how much specific consultant info etc... is ok to put on here?

As I type this my step dad is having thermal ablation treatment to hopefully remove his liver tumour , bearing in mind this time last year he was told he had months not years as there was nothing else they could do, we have come a long way.There are many hurdles ahead of us I'm sure as we know there is a likelihood that more will appear but please everyone don't be afraid to ask for second opinions if you feel it is appropriate, you have nothing to lose and just maybe a bit more time to gain.

Lots of love as always xxxx

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Hi Emma,

wondered how things were getting on for your step-dad with xx. My partner had a whipples at the end of 2009, followed by 6 months of ESPAC-4 (gemcitabibe and capcitabine). That didn't work and the PC had spread to her lungs. We tried a few months of oxaliplatin privately, with apparently no benefit, and we are wondering whether its work contacting Gary and moving back down south to see if Abraxine would show benefits.

regards Janet

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